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This is a great home solution for ALL your devices.With Router Limits you can take control of the internet! Router Limits allows you to monitor how your internet is being used, setup custom time limits and filters for all the devices in your home! Protect your family from the filth out there or regulate how much time is spent on the internet in general!

How Does
It Work?

Managing your family’s internet at the network level means you can regulate ALL of your connected devices individually. We’re talking computers, tablets, gaming consoles, phones, smart TVs — you name it. There’s no software to install, and our Cloud Management System means you’re always up to date. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Manage your Network from Anywhere, Literally.

  • The simple interface makes it easy to manage—no rocket scientists needed!
  • Create groups of devices by age, person, bedtime any way you please!
  • Set limits for your groups that restrict access to things like pornography—or even restrict social media during homework time.
  • Monitor visits from every device on your network, not just the ones that your kids want you to see.

Pricing for individual services:

(All prices are before sales tax)

More Safe Mark offers some great deals, be sure to check those out a little farther down!

Router Limits Mini Device +  Basic Support = $99

Installation/Remote Support + Tutorial and Support = $75

No Subscription: This will give you the ability to only block pornography in your home. No scheduling or customization, just pornography filtering.

Premium Subscription: $15/month – Unlimited filters, schedules, devices, etc.

Total for Premium Subscription would be $174 + $15/month before sales tax

Check out our current deals at the bottom of this page, or contact us for more information!

Router Limits Mini + Basic Support

What Are The Advantages?

Here’s a few reasons why our customers love us. But don’t take their word for it, try us out yourself!

Control Your Schedule

View from Anywhere

Customizable Filters

Setup in Seconds

Top-Notch Support

Track Activity

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