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The internet is a big place!

The Internet is much bigger than we can imagine. When you use Google or Bing you are only searching about  .004% of what is actually available on the internet! Imagine a library that already has a few million books catalogued…but the work done so far only represents .004% of all the books in the building. The same concept applies to the Internet. When you use a search engine like Google or Bing, you are searching through millions of websites that have been indexed by Google or Microsoft, representing only a tiny fraction of the content that’s actually available. There is A LOT of information out there, and a lot of it is accessible from your home computer!

There is also a TON of software out there that can protect you! Some of the software and hardware out there works really well and some can be difficult and confusing to setup and configure. More Safe Mark has experience with most all types of protection software and hardware. He will listen to you and your needs and come up with a solution that fits your needs and skill level! Check out More Safe Mark’s Software Suggestions on this page or click  for an AWESOME hardware solution!

Pornography is Everywhere!

 How do you keep your family safe from the dangers of the internet?

The internet is everywhere! With libraries, schools, cell phones, and free WiFi hot spots, almost anyone and everyone can access the internet at any time! We live in a time where the computer is a common household item. We use them everyday. Our kids need them to do school work, we need them to do our jobs, pay bills, and we can learn just about ANYTHING we want to know! The computer and the internet are amazing tools that have changed the world. Unfortunately though, the computer is also a place where filth and trash hides as well. With viruses being released everyday and ads everywhere you look, it is easy to find your way to places you never imagined existed! Pornography is one of those places! Without the right protection in place a computer user can, intentionally or unintentionally, find themselves buried in photos, videos and literature that will burn into their mind forever! Some, unfortunately, will return and eventually become addicted to the things they find, and it will ruin their lives! More Safe Mark wants to help keep your family safe!!

Google Safe Search:

Safe Search is an easy way to get started with home protection. Search engines are the fastest and easiest way to find pornography! This will only lock Google Safe Search and will not lock any other search engine. If you would like help protecting other search engines or more of the internet, contact me using the information below! At the moment this program will only work on a Windows computer. This program does change some minor Windows settings and your virus scanner could flag it, I promise it is not a virus! If you would like more information please feel free to contact me!

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Software Solutions More Safe Mark Recommends


Mobicip is a good Internet filtering app. It can be installed on a computer, phone, or tablet. When installed on a mobile device is replaces the default web browser and become the new web browser. When installed on a computer, it runs in the background and filters the Internet as necessary  Mobicip allows you to set restrictions on Internet browsing as well as time limits.  Mobicip offers a free version with basic filtering options and is great for people that either just need the Internet to be a bit safer or to lock it down all together! Click Here to check out Mobicip!


Qustodio does a really good job of monitoring mobile devices! It will work on your computer, phone or tablet. It is more than just an Internet filter though, it is a full blown parental control app. With Qustodio you can not only filter the internet and block pornography but you can monitor social network activity, set time limits, control apps and games, monitor text messaging and calls (Android Devices), you can even locate the device using Qustodio! Click Here to check Qustodio!

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